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Stop by our showroom

10,000 sq. ft. of great deals!

With the largest selection of used jewelry store displays and fixtures in the Indianapolis area, stop by Ell Enterprises' showroom to find the perfect fit for your store. Our staff will be happy to refurbish the displays to match the color theme of your store. We get new inventory in all the time, so be sure to stop by often!

Used store displays:

  • Used showcases

  • Used half vision showcases

  • Used full vision showcases

  • Used kiosks

  • Used counters

  • Used oak showcases

  • and much more!

Check on inventory

OFF new prices

With everyday low prices and deep discounts over new fixtures and displays, stop by our expansive showroom to see a wide range of jewelry store displays at a great price!

Inventory is constantly changing!

The largest used selection

in Indianapolis:

Used store fixtures:

  • Clothing racks (4-ways, rounders, h-racks, etc.)

  • Wall mount accessories

  • Slatwall hooks and accessories

  • Gridwall hooks

  • Pegboard hooks

  • Baskets

  • Specialty displays

  • Counters

  • Showcases

  • Gondola shelving

  • Refrigeration


40% - 60%